For years, CDI's patented Beat Your Best™ process has been helping sales managers overcome the complacency that comes with quota systems. For those of you that have implemented the BYB™ process, we want to hear your success stories!

CDI conducts client interviews and publishes subsequent case studies on a regular basis. Here, we collect vital data and information from your BYB™ story and look to share it with others. Not only does this market your store as a successful and engaged retailer, but it also functions to market CDI and the Beat Your Best™ Process. The case study establishes CDI as the authority in sales & customer service and establishes your company as an industry leader that thinks and performs ahead of the curve!

Here is what we look for when creating a case study:

  • Problem. We want to know about the scope and performance of your business before Beat Your Best™ came into the picture.

    • Where were you before BYB™?

    • What types of sales productivity challenges were you facing prior to implementing BYB™?

    • What types of individual/team performances were you witnessing?

    • What was holding you back before BYB™?

  • Solution. No two organizations are the same. For this reason, Beat Your Best™ is a process that unfolds differently wherever it is implemented. We want to know how that process unfolded for you.

    • What sold you on implementing BYB™?

    • How did you implement BYB™?

    • How did you position your managers and employees?

    • How has the BYB™ process affected your managers?

    • How did you track performance?

    • Did you discover any other obstacles after implementing BYB™? 

  • Results. While the BYB™ process is nuanced among players, the results are consistently the same: increased profitability with happier and more self-fulfilled salespeople.

    • Where have you seen the biggest growth as a result of implementing BYB™?

    • What has been the year-to-date growth increase in each category ($ or %)?

    • How has your company and sales team culture changed after BYB™?

    • What types of "personal bests" and records did your managers and sales reps achieve?

    • How do you celebrate the results?

    • What would you say to prospective or future BYB™ process users?

The BYB™ Case Study is a mutually beneficial tool that can further leverage the BYB™ process in the interest of profitability. Share your story with us and we'll help you make even more money with it!