Wireless Dealers Profit Summit

The $100K Profit Plan:  How to Boost Store Profits by up to $100K per Store


  • Keynote for Regional Dealer Meetings
  • Full-Day Seminar for Regional Dealer Events


  • Owners / Principals (1 location to 301 locations)
  • Senior Managers at Larger Dealers
  • Store Managers (strongly suggested that Owners attend with their Store Managers)


If you’re like many business owners, you’re looking for ways to drive sales and profits.  The Dealer Profitability Summit provides owners and managers with a positive message about the market potential & income gains that can be realized by implementing proven strategies and increasing attachment rates of complementary products and services.  Attendees will hear specific “how-to’s” and learn the “Formula For Success” from the wireless industry’s leading business consultant, Mark Landiak.

You and your Store Managers will:

  • Hear proven WIRELESS BUSINESS STRATEGIES to help you capitalize on the trends and technologies that will secure your company’s future.
  • Learn NEW IDEAS to increase store traffic and add incremental sales with new and existing customers.
  • Be introduced to some creative, Low Cost/NO Cost SERVICES that provide additional income opportunities with every customer.

The Best Investment You Can Make!

The best investments that give you the greatest returns are the ones you make in yourself, your company and your employees.   The Dealer Profitability Summit will show you how to grow your store profit by $50,000 or more…and we’ll even track it with you!   

The Profitability Summit Agenda includes:

  • A Growth Template:  How to Boost Store Profits by $50,000 to $75,000 per year
    Yes, it’s possible: We’ll show you the math and the strategies
    • Securing, Growing & Retaining your Existing Customer Base
    • Leveraging Repeat Customers into Additional Income and New Customers
    • How to find NEW Customers o Cost Reducers & Profit-Boosters
  • What’s going on in our industry?
    • Key Stats and Trends to plan for/capitalize on
    • The GOOD NEWS! and what every employee working for you needs to hear!
    • Leadership:  Store-by-Store and Company-wide
    • Your 3 MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS – and why you must focus on all 3 now!  
  • Under-Leveraged Products and Services That Can Grow Your Profits
  • Successful Sales & Marketing Strategies for Retail Customers
    • How to increase store traffic and store sales
    • The Follow-Through Program you can start making more money with…tomorrow!
    • How to leverage a single retail customer into multiple opportunities
    • How to help your staff use Social Network Marketing to bring in more customers
  • Summary and Action Plan 

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