Building A Direct Sales Force

Building a Direct Sales Force is an intensive one-day workshop session that focuses specifically on what it takes to build and grow a direct sales force to take advantage of business-to-business opportunities.

The session provides companies an opportunity to build an effective Business-to-Business sales plan by examining their current business, reviewing the value of their customers, and exploring the revenue potential of building a direct sales force. 

Six key areas where sales productivity can improve and business can be developed are identified:

  • Market Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Process Management
  • Recruiting and Staffing Strategies
  • Sales Compensation Issues
  • Sales Management Structure

Participants Learn:

  • What are the advantages of building a direct sales force?
  • Calculating the Value of a Customer
  • Transitioning from Retail to B2B
  • Differences between Demand Fulfillment and Demand Creation
  • Calculating Break-Even Point for Adding Sales People
  • Creating a B2B Business Plan
  • Defining Target Markets
  • Developing Prospecting Strategies
  • Identifying and Tracking Lead Sources
  • Managing the Sales Funnel
  • Assessing Current Staffing Position
  • Identifying Top Direct Sales Candidates
  • Structuring Compensation
  • Managing in the Direct Sales Environment
  • Setting Sales Goals and Managing Results

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