Conducting Effective Sales Meetings

One of the most important tools for a sales manager is the regularly scheduled sales meeting. It is the most appropriate forum to build a sales team, motivate higher achievement, recognize top performers, and continue the training and coaching process.  Managers need to learn how to plan and direct a successful sales meeting so that it is a productive event, not a waste of time.

In this session they learn how to leverage the team meeting dynamic to get things done, review sales opportunities, and work on building a long-term positive sales culture for their organization.

Participants Learn:

  • How to plan sales meetings effectively
  • Techniques to facilitate discussion on sales situations and share best practices
  • Ways to suggest sales strategies to improve current sales approaches
    • Techniques for managing the outcomes of the meeting
  • How to leverage the team for feedback and peer coaching opportunities
  • How to handle difficult, resistant, and negative participants and situations
  • How to leverage meetings to reinforce and support sales training

Managers also learn how to use the meeting as a structured forum for communicating new information, doing mutual problem solving, removing sales obstacles, applying new coaching techniques, and motivating and challenging their team for on-going improved performance.

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