Recruiting & Retaining Top Performers

Putting the right people in the right place at the right time is essential to build and maintain a successful wireless organization. With competent and motivated sales reps hard to find and harder to keep, this session provides managers with a proven process to locate, attract, hire and retain top talent.

The process includes a five-step model on how to find and field a top performing sales team by:

  • Developing hiring criteria:  Characteristics, traits and success factors
  • Sourcing for open sales jobs– Identifying best places to find candidates
  • Interviewing and selection – Questions to ask; What to look for
  • Establishing a retention strategy to minimize attrition
  • Taking accountability for retaining employees

Participants learn:

  • How to build a sales profile to hire against
  • How to develop an effective strategy for locating qualified sales reps
  • Pre-screening techniques to qualify candidates
  • How to conduct an effective interview by:
    • Asking questions to explore success factors
    • Identifying key candidate factors that lead to successful performance
    • Probing for hard-to-get, but critical information about the candidate's background
  • How to position and “sell” your organization 
  • How to evaluate the candidate that best fits

The session includes structured job tools to help the interview process, key characteristics and success factor checklists, interview guides, and evaluation forms.

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