Beat Your Best is Corporate Dynamics' Revolutionary Sales Coaching and Customer Service Management Process

Beat Your Best!™ 

The Beat Your Best™ process from Corporate Dynamics Inc. has produced enormous results wherever implemented for sales and customer service teams alike.  

  • Agents have reported increases of $100K+ with the Beat Your Best™ process
  • Store Managers are now coaching more effectively and results indicate improvements in every KPI category for many Agents
Continue the development of your Managers with the 2015 edition of Mark Landiak's book:  Beat Your Best™: Coaching for High Performance.
The latest edition is packed with coaching reminders and best practices for taking sales to the next level.
This should be required reading for all owners and store managers as it will serve as a reinforcement of the key coaching strategies that should be used in concert with the Beat Your Best™ process and tools that were outline in the training.
New to this edition: Beat Your Best™ now contains several self-development exercises to help your team increase their skills and boost their sales.
Order a copy for each owner and manager today!
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